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Balancing Your Needs

Typically, employers benefit financially when Medicare-eligible employees and dependents transition off the group plan. However, most employers derive great satisfaction from helping this esteemed, yet vulnerable segment of their workforce chart a confident new course independent of the significant return on investment we aim to deliver.

Beacon Retiree Benefits Group helps public and private sector employers of all sizes and industries educate employees at or approaching Medicare eligibility. Our firm then plays a valuable role in assisting employees and their spouses in the transition to individual or group Medicare plan options when they are ready. Our fee structure is very flexible and varies widely in design depending upon the size of the intended audience and the strategic needs of the employer.

Most employers prefer a cost structure that is targeted around their specific population that may need Medicare-related planning. These fees can be in the form of a cost per employee per month (PEPM), a flat monthly subscription arrangement or even an hourly or a per-encounter structure, in certain cases, based on the adopted scope of services.

We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.