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It has and continues to be a privilege to partner with Beacon Retiree Benefits Group. The Beacon team has truly been a great resource for both Laerdal and our employees. Beacon provides prompt and precise responses on matters pertaining to Medicare. From an employer perspective, the expertise and knowledge provided has helped the HR Team oversee specific retirement benefits. From an employee perspective, the willingness and ability of the Beacon team to connect one-on-one with employees and provide them with sound knowledge and advice so that the employee can make informed decisions about their benefits has been instrumental. In addition, Beacon recently facilitated a Medicare Educational Workshop to help bring awareness and a better understanding about the ins and outs of Medicare. This workshop was well received by our employees and very beneficial to all. Overall, it is a nice feeling to work side-by-side with a partner who treats both you and your employees as if they were one of their own. Thank you!

Krissy and Emily

Laerdal HR Team