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Implementation & Administration

While the strategic planning is a critical component, a smooth implementation and transition is key to the overall success of the program.  Every solution and recommendation is backed by personalized, hands on support provided by experienced professionals that truly care about the satisfaction of our clients and their retirees.

Our firm handles all aspects of the implementation process and beyond. Our level of support is unrivaled in this industry:

  • Management and coordination with insurance carriers or TPAs
  • Maintain full compliance with CMS requirements and other state and federal regulations
  • All aspects of the enrollment process
  • Retiree education and communication materials and distribution
  • Planning and facilitation of open enrollment or retiree educational meetings or webinars
  • Retiree medical and pharmacy transition support
  • Medical and pharmacy provider communication when necessary
  • Outreach to retirees approaching age 65 or newly retiring employees
  • Full ongoing benefit administration and eligibility maintenance
  • Retiree contribution calculations and retiree billing administration
  • Carrier/TPA billing reconciliation
  • Medicare Part D (EGWP) financial oversight and monitoring
  • RDS administrative support
  • Annual benefit & cost analysis