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Retiree Advocacy Services

We believe that the manner by which recommendations are put into action and communicated to retirees can make or break the entire endeavor.  We take great pride in our communication skills and our ability to educate retirees on this complicated subject.  Using a combination of group meetings, webinars, carefully crafted benefit guides, mailings and phone calls, we have achieved great success in making even scattered populations of retirees feel connected and informed.

Most HR departments are simply not equipped to field questions and resolve issues relative to Medicare plans, guidelines, enrollment, eligibility or other processes.  Most insurance companies do not invest properly in customer service anymore.  Senior populations have special needs and are particularly discouraged by automated phone systems and being transferred from person to person.  In this day and age, siblings, children and grandchildren face the same challenges as they assume caretaking responsibilities.

Your retirees deserve to have live voices on the other end of the phone and a team of kind, courteous and experienced professionals who are specifically trained to assist them.  We answer questions, explain benefits, resolve claim and billing issues and interface with medical providers and pharmacies.  We even arrange three party calls when we need the retiree and another party, such as Social Security or Medicare, on the phone.

We are actively involved in assisting retirees approaching Medicare age or retiring at or after age 65 in their transition to Medicare.

Our dedicated team actually has a significant impact on the lives of the members we serve.  We become their advocate in an area where they feel most vulnerable and most confused – their healthcare.