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Retiree Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern, Anyone that we have dealt with from Beacon has always been very pleasant, helpful & has handled our cases in a timely manner!  We have the utmost respect for the Members of Beacon.They are always very kind, caring, friendly & always willing to listen & take the time to help!  They always get back to you in a timely manner with a positive answer! It is nice to do business with people that truly care!  Thank you for your professionalism

Peter & Carol Cawley
Electric Boat Corporation

During the year before I retired a representative of Beacon gave a talk and answered questions regarding health insurance.  I learned that I could remove my wife from my work insurance while I was still working, get the same coverage, and it saved me quite a bit each week for my co-pay for work insurance, plus I was rebated an amount for taking my wife off the account.  I found this very helpful, so when I retired in 2014 we went to Beacon and have found them extremely helpful in setting up our insurance each year.  I would highly recommend them. They are easy to work with, give good counsel, are through in giving comparisons to other companies, and both agents have been very accommodating. 

Glenn Havumaki
Electric Boat

I’ve been with Beacon for 21 years and every time I had a problem with my medical insurance it was resolved quickly. My wife also is insured with The Company and received the same. Great people to have on your side.

Robert Fenn
Electric Boat

Last week I dealt with Beacon, and the representative was really great with me and solved my problem in a timely manner. It was for my wife’s prescription, and in just a few hours we picked it up. Beacon was great!

Sal Recupido
Stratford Board of Education

Beacon staff members are very courteous & helpful. They always resolve claim issues in a timely manner. They are always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Berta Neves
City of Bridgeport

Beacon has helped me over the past several years with multiple claim issues. They are always willing to go above and beyond, and will contact providers and pharmacies without any hesitation. They always resolve my issues efficiently.

City of Meriden

I once had a problem with Medicare paying my claims due to a coding error. I called Beacon, and the representative was able to do a conference call with myself and Medicare to get the issue resolved. It gets very confusing calling places with automated prompts, so I like that I can call Beacon, and always get a live person on the phone.

Monroe Board of Education